Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress is an online mattress company that offers innovative foam mattresses designed to provide a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

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Nolah Mattress is an online mattress company that uses innovative technology and materials to create a comfortable and eco-friendly sleeping experience. Nolah Mattress was founded in 2015 by Anna Hjoellund and Daniel Galle, who are both experienced in the mattress industry and share a passion for creating better sleep solutions.

Nolah Mattress designs its mattresses with a focus on comfort, support, and sustainability. The company uses patented AirFoam technology that is designed to provide the best combination of pressure relief, cooling, and support, while also being eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Nolah Mattress offers three different mattress models: the Original 10, the Signature 12, and the Evolution 15. Each mattress is designed with different levels of support and firmness, as well as varying degrees of cooling technology. Additionally, Nolah Mattress offers a range of bedding accessories, including pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors.

Nolah Mattress offers free shipping and returns within the United States. Mattresses are compressed and shipped in a box, and customers can choose to have their old mattress removed for an additional fee. The company also offers a 120-night sleep trial, during which customers can return their mattress for a full refund if they are not satisfied with their purchase.