Mojo Boutique

Mojo Boutique is an online store specializing in thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly furniture and home décor items, handmade by master artisans in Bali and rural Indonesia, to create a soulful and sustainable products.


Mojo Boutique is an online store founded by Noëllie and Oliver Scherrer, offering eco-friendly furniture and home décor items handmade by master artisans in Bali and rural Indonesia. The boutique aims to inspire people to elevate their homes with unique, soulful treasures while living in harmony with their space.

Noëllie and Oliver, originally from Switzerland, developed a deep appreciation for nature and a passion for sustainable artisan products during their time in Indonesia. They discovered master artisans who use natural materials like teak wood, bamboo, and coconut shells to create exquisite furniture and décor items. Recognizing that these artisans had limited access to global markets, the couple established Mojo Boutique to showcase their products worldwide.

Conscious consumerism lies at the core of Mojo Boutique’s philosophy. The business adheres to fair-trade practices, ensuring that every aspect, from product creation to shipping, is carried out with care and respect for the artisans and the environment. The boutique offsets the CO2 emissions generated during shipping and partners with to plant a tree for every order.

Sustainability is a central focus for Mojo Boutique. They work directly with local craftspeople, supporting their livelihoods while prioritizing the use of sustainably sourced materials. Each item is thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and offered in small batches, encouraging a mindful and unique approach to home décor.

Mojo Boutique aspires to inspire more people to embrace eco-friendly artisan products, foregoing mass-produced items and appreciating the craftsmanship and positive impacts they bring. By choosing Mojo Boutique, customers not only enhance their homes but also contribute to a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Customers can explore Mojo Boutique’s collection online and select from a range of handcrafted, environmentally conscious furniture and home décor items.