Mala The Brand

Mala The Brand is a luxury candle company known for its natural and sustainable approach to candle-making and unique design aesthetic.


Mala The Brand is a luxury candle company that was founded in 2019 by Melody Lim, who also serves as the creative director. The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is known for its natural and sustainable approach to candle-making.

The design aesthetic of Mala The Brand draws inspiration from the founder’s travels and incorporates her experiences into each candle. The company aims to create a sense of nostalgia and comfort with its products, which are designed to transport customers to different places and times.

Mala The Brand’s product range includes a variety of scented candles, including its best-selling “Santorini” scent, which is inspired by the Greek island of the same name. Other scents include “Capri,” “Tulum,” and “Positano.” The company also offers a range of candle accessories, such as wick trimmers and snuffers.

Mala The Brand places a strong emphasis on sustainability and uses only natural ingredients such as soy wax and essential oils in its candles. The company offers free shipping within the United States for orders over $75, and international shipping is also available at calculated rates.

Overall, Mala The Brand is a young and innovative candle company that has quickly gained a reputation for its unique design aesthetic and commitment to sustainability. With its focus on natural ingredients and attention to detail, it is a brand that is well worth exploring for anyone looking for a premium candle experience.