In Good Taste

In Good Taste is a wine company that aims to make quality wines more accessible and less intimidating for everyday drinkers through curated selections and innovative packaging.

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In Good Taste, founded in 2020 by Joe Welch and Zach Feinberg, is a wine company that aims to make wine more accessible and less intimidating for everyday drinkers. They collaborated with award-winning winemakers Matt Smith and Neely Ashley to source wine from top winemaking regions and curated a portfolio of high-quality wines.

The brand initially introduced tasting flights in their patented 187ml mini bottles, featuring six or eight single-glass servings. This format allows customers to explore different wines without committing to a full bottle. As their customers’ preferences expanded, In Good Taste introduced a 750ml bottle option, providing a larger quantity for those who found wines they truly loved.

In Good Taste’s mission is to make the world of quality wine more approachable and understandable. They acknowledge the complexities of the wine industry, with its use of big words, confusing labels, and additives. The brand aims to offer an alternative to mass-produced wines commonly found on grocery store shelves, focusing on curated selections from independent winemakers.