Havenly is an online interior design platform that connects users with professional designers to create personalized and stylish home spaces.

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Havenly is an online interior design service and marketplace that connects customers with professional interior designers to create personalized and beautiful spaces. Founded in 2014 by Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed, Havenly aims to make professional interior design accessible and affordable to everyone.

Havenly offers a convenient and streamlined online interior design service. Customers can choose from different design packages based on their needs and budget. They start by taking a style quiz to help the designers understand their preferences, and then they collaborate with a designer to create a customized design plan for their space.

Havenly has a team of experienced interior designers who work closely with customers to bring their design vision to life. The designers provide personalized recommendations for furniture, decor, color schemes, and layouts, ensuring that every element of the design is carefully considered.

In addition to its design service, Havenly also has a product marketplace where customers can shop for furniture, decor, and accessories. The marketplace offers a curated selection of products from various brands, making it easy for customers to find and purchase items that fit their design style.

Havenly embraces a wide range of design aesthetics to cater to diverse customer preferences. Whether customers prefer modern, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic styles, Havenly’s designers can create a cohesive and visually appealing design that reflects their taste and personality.

Shipping information for Havenly’s product marketplace varies depending on the specific items and brands. Customers can typically find shipping details and estimates on the product listing page or during the checkout process.

Havenly provides an accessible and affordable way for individuals to transform their spaces with professional interior design expertise. By combining an online design service with a product marketplace, Havenly offers a comprehensive solution for creating personalized and stylish interiors.