Gold Medal Wine

Gold Medal Wine Club is a renowned subscription service that delivers award-winning and limited-production wines from boutique wineries, providing a curated wine tasting experience at home.

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Founded in 1992, Gold Medal Wine Club has established itself as a leading wine subscription service. They specialize in sourcing and delivering exceptional wines from small, family-owned wineries that produce award-winning and limited-production bottles.

Gold Medal Wine Club offers a curated wine tasting experience, allowing subscribers to explore and enjoy wines that might be difficult to find elsewhere. The club showcases a wide range of varietals, styles, and regions, providing an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to expand their palate and discover hidden gems.

Their selection process focuses on quality, seeking out wines that have received recognition and accolades from prestigious competitions and renowned critics. By partnering with boutique wineries, Gold Medal Wine Club supports the passion and craftsmanship of small-scale producers.

Members of the club can choose from various subscription options tailored to their preferences, such as the Gold Series, Platinum Series, Garagiste Series, Pinot Noir Series, and more. Each shipment includes detailed tasting notes, winemaker profiles, and food pairing suggestions, enhancing the overall wine tasting experience.

Shipping is available to most states, and the club takes care to ensure the wines are packaged securely for safe delivery. The exact shipping information, including rates and delivery times, can be found on their website or obtained by contacting their customer support.

Gold Medal Wine Club’s commitment to sourcing exceptional wines and providing a personalized wine tasting journey has made them a trusted and respected name among wine enthusiasts. With their dedication to showcasing boutique wineries and delivering a remarkable wine experience, Gold Medal Wine Club continues to bring joy and discovery to wine lovers across the country.