FreshDirect is an online grocery delivery service that brings fresh, high-quality food and pantry essentials directly to your door.

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FreshDirect is an online grocery delivery service that offers a wide selection of fresh food, pantry staples, and household items.

FreshDirect was founded in 1999 by Joe Fedele and Jason Ackerman with the vision of delivering high-quality, fresh groceries directly to customers’ doors. The company operates primarily in the New York metropolitan area and serves customers in select regions.

FreshDirect provides a vast array of products, including fresh produce, meats, seafood, dairy products, bakery items, pantry essentials, prepared meals, and household items. They focus on sourcing fresh and locally grown products, as well as offering a variety of organic, gluten-free, and other specialty options.

FreshDirect offers scheduled delivery services to specific regions within its delivery footprint. Customers can select their preferred delivery date and time slot during the checkout process. FreshDirect also provides delivery pass options for unlimited deliveries within a specified period, along with various delivery fees based on order size and location.

FreshDirect aims to provide customers with convenient access to fresh and high-quality groceries, eliminating the need for traditional supermarket visits. Their online platform offers a wide range of products to meet various dietary preferences and household needs.