Flaviar is a premium spirits club that offers a curated selection of unique and rare liquors, providing a delightful exploration of the world of fine spirits through their membership model.

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Flaviar is an online spirits club and retailer that offers a wide selection of premium and craft spirits, including whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, vodka, and more.

Flaviar was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform for spirits enthusiasts to explore and discover new and unique drinks from around the world. The brand offers a membership-based model that gives members access to an extensive range of spirits, exclusive tasting events, and personalized recommendations.

Flaviar offers a wide selection of spirits, including various whiskey styles, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, and other categories. They specialize in curating rare and limited-edition releases, craft spirits, and unique offerings that are often not widely available in traditional retail settings. Members can explore different tasting packs and individual bottles to discover new flavors and expand their knowledge of spirits.

Flaviar provides shipping to a range of countries, including the United States and many international destinations. The specific shipping options, fees, and delivery times can be found on their website. It’s worth noting that some shipping restrictions may apply based on local regulations and alcohol importation laws.

Flaviar aims to create a community of spirits enthusiasts who can explore, learn, and enjoy a wide array of spirits from around the world. By offering an extensive selection, exclusive events, and personalized experiences, Flaviar provides members with a platform to enhance their spirits journey and discover new favorites.