Decocrated is a go-to online platform that offers curated home décor subscription boxes filled with stylish and seasonal items, making it effortless to elevate the look and feel of any living space.

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Decocrated is an online home decor subscription service that offers seasonal curated boxes filled with stylish and functional decor items.

Decocrated was founded in 2018 by Megan Kay and Chelsey Curtis. The founders sought to provide an easy and convenient way for customers to refresh their home decor with each changing season.

Decocrated embraces a modern and contemporary design aesthetic. Their curated items often feature a blend of trendy and timeless elements, incorporating elements of rustic, farmhouse, and bohemian styles. They aim to provide versatile decor pieces that can effortlessly complement a variety of interior design preferences.

Decocrated offers a range of home decor items in its subscription boxes. These items may include wall art, tabletop decor, textiles, vases, trays, and more. Each box is thoughtfully curated to provide a cohesive and seasonal theme, allowing customers to easily update their home decor with each delivery.

Decocrated operates on a subscription-based model. Customers can sign up for a seasonal subscription and receive a box filled with handpicked decor items every three months. The seasonal boxes are designed to align with the current season and often include exclusive items that are not available elsewhere.

Decocrated provides shipping services within the United States. The specific shipping details, including shipping fees, delivery times, and any restrictions, can be found on their website. They typically work with reliable shipping providers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of their subscription boxes.