Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic is a Brooklyn-based design studio that creates unique home goods and accessories inspired by modernist art and traditional craft techniques.

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Cold Picnic is a design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, that was founded in 2010 by Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer. The duo creates unique home goods and accessories with a focus on bold patterns and unexpected details.

The design aesthetic of Cold Picnic is heavily influenced by modernist art and design, as well as traditional craft techniques. Their products range from hand-tufted rugs and wall hangings to ceramics and jewelry.

In terms of shipping, Cold Picnic offers domestic and international shipping options, with prices varying depending on the destination. The company also offers free shipping within the United States for orders over $150. They are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible in their products and packaging.

Overall, Cold Picnic’s unique design aesthetic and commitment to sustainability make them a great choice for anyone looking for one-of-a-kind home goods and accessories.