Candy Club

Candy Clubbrevolutionized the candy industry with its online subscription-based model, providing customers with a personalized and curated selection of premium candies delivered straight to their doorsteps.


Candy Club is an online subscription-based candy retailer that offers a wide range of curated and premium candies.

Candy Club was founded in 2014 by Keith Cohn and Joe Melville. They wanted to create an online candy store that offered a unique and personalized candy experience for customers.

Candy Club provides a diverse range of candies, including gummies, chocolates, sour candies, hard candies, and more. Their product selection includes both classic and unique flavors, catering to a wide range of taste preferences. They curate their candy collections to provide a mix of well-loved favorites and exciting new discoveries.

Candy Club operates on a subscription-based model. Customers can choose from different subscription options, such as monthly or quarterly, and receive a curated selection of candies delivered to their doorstep. The candies are often handpicked based on the customer’s preferences and may include exclusive or limited-edition treats.

Candy Club offers shipping services within the United States.