Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club is an online plant store that delivers indoor and outdoor plants along with eco-friendly plant care accessories to its customers.


Bloombox Club is a London-based online plant delivery service that specializes in providing customers with curated houseplant collections. The company was founded in 2015 by Dr. Katie Cooper, a plant scientist, and David Zablocki, a business strategist.

Bloombox Club offers a range of indoor plants, each chosen for its aesthetic qualities and health benefits, and packaged with detailed care instructions to help customers care for their plants properly. The company’s design aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with an emphasis on clean lines and natural materials.

In addition to its online store, Bloombox Club offers a plant subscription service, which delivers a new plant to subscribers every month, along with tips for plant care and plant-related art prints. The company also offers a range of plant-related accessories, including pots, plant stands, and macrame hangers.

Bloombox Club ships throughout the UK and Europe, with free UK delivery on all orders over a certain value. The company also offers a plant guarantee, which ensures that customers are satisfied with their purchases and will receive a replacement or refund if their plants don’t arrive in good condition.