Artifox is a design-forward brand specializing in sleek and functional furniture and accessories that seamlessly blend technology with craftsmanship.

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Artifox is a design-focused company that specializes in creating innovative and functional furniture and accessories for modern living and workspaces. Founded in 2014 by Sarah Carpenter and Dan Mirth, Artifox aims to blend craftsmanship, simplicity, and technology to enhance productivity and inspire creativity.

Artifox’s design aesthetic is minimalistic, sleek, and versatile. They prioritize clean lines, natural materials, and functional design elements that seamlessly integrate into various interior styles. Their furniture and accessories are designed to be timeless and durable, with a focus on enhancing the user experience.

Artifox offers a range of thoughtfully designed furniture and accessories for both personal and professional spaces. Their product lineup includes desks, shelves, storage solutions, chairs, and modular systems that adapt to individual needs. They also offer complementary accessories such as cable management solutions, phone docks, and monitor stands.

Artifox’s products are designed with functionality in mind. They incorporate smart features like cable management, hidden storage, and integrated device charging to promote a clutter-free and organized workspace. Their furniture pieces are also modular, allowing users to customize and reconfigure them to suit their changing needs.

Artifox is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. They prioritize using responsibly sourced materials, such as solid hardwoods and powder-coated steel, to ensure durability and longevity. By focusing on quality craftsmanship, they aim to reduce waste and offer products that stand the test of time.

Artifox provides shipping within the United States and internationally. Shipping options, costs, and delivery times may vary depending on the location and the specific items ordered. Customers can typically find shipping details and estimates during the checkout process on their website.

Artifox’s commitment to functional design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainability sets them apart in the furniture industry. Their thoughtfully designed products offer practical solutions for modern living and workspaces, helping individuals create environments that inspire productivity and creativity.