54kibo is an online marketplace curating contemporary African-inspired home decor and design, celebrating African craftsmanship and culture through a carefully curated collection of furniture, accessories, and art.

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54kibo is an online retailer specializing in contemporary African-inspired home decor, furniture, and accessories. Founded by Nana Quagraine, the brand aims to showcase and celebrate the rich heritage and craftsmanship of African design.

54kibo’s design aesthetic is a fusion of African heritage and modern aesthetics. Their curated collection features a blend of traditional African motifs, patterns, and materials with contemporary design elements. The result is a unique and vibrant style that embraces cultural diversity and adds a touch of global influence to interior spaces.

54kibo offers a diverse range of home decor and furniture pieces, including textiles, rugs, lighting, wall art, furniture, tableware, and accessories. Their products highlight the work of talented African artisans and designers, showcasing a wide array of techniques, materials, and craftsmanship from various regions across the continent.

54kibo takes pride in promoting African artistry and craftsmanship. They collaborate with talented designers and artisans, supporting fair trade practices and ethical sourcing. Through their platform, they aim to foster economic empowerment and cultural preservation by bringing the stories and talents of African creatives to a global audience.

54kibo provides shipping within the United States and internationally. Shipping options, costs, and delivery times may vary depending on the destination and the specific items ordered. Customers can typically find shipping details and estimates during the checkout process on their website.

By offering a curated selection of African-inspired home decor and furniture, 54kibo provides an opportunity for individuals to embrace cultural diversity and infuse their spaces with unique and meaningful pieces. With a focus on supporting artisans and celebrating African craftsmanship, the brand invites customers to explore the beauty and creativity of African design from the comfort of their homes.