1stdibs is a premier online marketplace that connects collectors, interior designers, and antique enthusiasts with a curated selection of unique and luxurious furniture, art, and vintage treasures.

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1stdibs is an online marketplace for luxury goods, including furniture, home decor, fine art, jewelry, and fashion. Founded in 2001 by Michael Bruno, 1stdibs aims to connect collectors, designers, and consumers with curated collections of unique and high-end products from around the world.

1stdibs offers a diverse range of design aesthetics, catering to various styles and preferences. The marketplace features an extensive selection of vintage, antique, and contemporary pieces, allowing customers to find items that suit their personal taste and interior design vision.

1stdibs offers a wide range of luxury products across multiple categories. Their inventory includes furniture pieces such as sofas, tables, chairs, and cabinets, as well as lighting fixtures, rugs, mirrors, and decorative accessories. Additionally, 1stdibs features a curated selection of fine art, jewelry, watches, and fashion items from renowned designers and artists.

Shipping details on 1stdibs can vary depending on the seller and the location of the item. Each seller sets their own shipping policies and options, including domestic and international shipping. Shipping costs and delivery times will be specified on the individual product listings. 1stdibs also provides support for logistics and shipping arrangements to ensure a smooth buying experience for customers.

Overall, 1stdibs serves as a premier online destination for luxury goods, offering a vast collection of unique, high-quality products for design enthusiasts, collectors, and discerning shoppers. The platform’s emphasis on curation, authenticity, and global sourcing sets it apart as a trusted marketplace for luxury finds.