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10 Best Hammocks for Outdoors and Camping

Be it Camping, Backpacking, Beach or Yard, these 10 Best Hammocks will have you covered.



Best Hammocks Camping Stand Chair Ftr

Chilling with a good book in one hand, a glass of sangria in another, and music in the background sounds heavenly. Add a hammock to the setting and you know you’re in heaven. So go get one. Here’s our hand-picked list of the 10 best hammocks for outdoors.

1. Hennessy Hammock with Mosquito Net

One of the best camping hammocks for camping, this one comes with a mosquito net. You can now ditch the dead weight of tents and sleeping bags with this camping hammock. This hammock includes patented features like mesh pocket on ridgeline and webbing straps.

It also features an inbuilt mesh to avoid bugs and a rainfly to keep you dry during rains. With a packed weight of 2 lbs and packed size of 4″ x 7″ x 9″, this qualifies as one of the best hammocks for camping or backpacking. Buy this Now.

2. Striped Cotton Outdoors Hammock

With blue, white, and red stripes, this backyard hammock can brighten up any space. The hammock has a slouchy silhouette which makes for comfortable reclining. The sturdy suspension rings and double size make it a perfect hammock for two people.

The cotton canvas material of the hammock makes it both lightweight and durable at the same time. This hammock comes with a bag that makes it a travel-friendly hammock. Buy this Now.

3. Red Bohemian Cotton Backyard Hammock

Listening to Samba with a Caipirinha in hand, this hammock for outdoors will transport you to Rio. Made by Brazil’s Hammock Artisans of Ceara, it features rows of delicate macramé designs giving it a boho vibe.

This pure cotton hammock from Novica has a border of bohemian fringed lace, crocheted by hand. Both stylish and comfortable, it can hold up to 450 lbs. An afternoon nap on your porch in this hammock is going to be heavenly. Buy this Now.

4. Nylon Quick Drying Hammock for Camping

made from quick-drying nylon material, this is one of the best hammocks for camping. Both soft and strong at the same time, it adjusts to your body shape without creating any pressure points.

It comes in a compact travel bag for carrying it around with ease. Blissful relaxation on the go – why not? Buy this Now.

5. Ipanema Cotton Backyard Hammock

One of the best hammocks for outdoors, this one is handwoven by the Cearan artisans of Brazil using durable cotton. It features typical Ipanema weaves of elegant pleats, delicate braids, and hanging loops.

The midnight blue color of the hammock further adds to the aesthetics. Relax and recline in style with this hammock. Buy this Now.

6. Camping Hammock with a Stand

Looking for trees to tie your hammock may not be possible at all times. What comes in handy at such times is this Brazilian hammock with a stand. One of the best hammocks for outdoors, it is tied to a heavy-duty, construction-grade, weatherproof steel frame. Your patio furniture would be incomplete without this addition. Buy this Now.

7. Hand Woven Thick String Backyard Hammock

You know you’re in luck when you come across one of the best-rated hammocks. This one is the Women’s Choice Award winner for America’s Most Recommended Hammock. It takes traditional Mayan weaves to a new level with strings that are four times thicker.

In the pleasant colors of aqua-blue and green, this hammock for outdoors personifies leisure. A word of caution though – the XXL size may make you a little too comfortable. Buy this Now.

8. Handmade Yucatan Backyard Hammock

If your idea of the most comfortable hammock is the one that makes you float in the air, then this is for you to take home. The thinner strings used in this Mayan style Hammock creates a soft surface. Sitting and sleeping on it is often described as ‘floating in the air’.

Made in the remote villages of Yucatan, it takes the artisans 7 days to weave this hammock. One of the best hammocks for outdoors which lets you sleep during the day or throughout the night! Buy this Now.

9. Brazilian Soft Woven Cotton Double Hammock

Brazilian hammocks for outdoors have a reputation for their unmatched comfort. The artisans use the traditional methods carried down for generations. The long-lasting thread in a tight-weave and cocoon method used in this one gives you the most comfortable hammock.

This hammock’s natural off-white color will add to the aesthetics of your home decor. You can rest assured of the quality too as it comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy this Now.

10. Double Hammock for Backpacking

This lightweight hammock can support 2 persons (up to 500 lbs.) comfortably. Made of nylon parachute fabric, it’s super lightweight and an ideal hammock for camping and backpacking. It comes with everything you need including ropes, straps, steel carabiners, and a carrying bag. This one is a must-add to your travel accessories list.

Quick and easy to set up, you can be ready to relax in 3 minutes. Buy this Now.

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These Backyard Hammocks are The Best Way to Enjoy Warm Weather

Sun is shining and the Backyard Hammock is calling.




Backyard Hammocks Art Ftr

If you’re looking for cool ways to make the most of the warm weather, you wanna bring a backyard hammock home. Besides the obvious utility of lounging with a book, a hammock can be a stylish addition to your backyard.

Whether you wanna get some sun or catch an afternoon nap, hammocks are a great way to go. So, go on and create a cozy corner with a vacation feel right in your backyard.

We went around looking for the best hammocks for backyard and dug out these gems for you to enjoy the balmy weather.

Best Outdoor Hammocks for Backyard

1. Bohemian Cotton Backyard Hammock

This chair hammock with a hand-crocheted fringe is sure to lend a boho vibe to your backyard. The soft polyester/cotton fabric of this hammock makes you relax in no time. Unlike other chair hammocks, this is big enough for you to lie down and relax, instead of just sitting. You can choose from available black and beige colors. Buy this Now.

2. Double Backyard Hammock with Stand

This double hammock may not look like it can fit two people. Besides being spacious enough for two people, it can easily fit into small spaces. The sturdy wooden stand of this hammock gives it the required stability.

This cocoon-like comfy cotton hammock, which can hold up to 450 lb., also has a good aesthetic appeal because of the stained wood. Buy this Now.

3. All-Weather Tufted Double Hammock

Believe it or not, this is an all-weather hammock for the backyard. And that’s because of two layers of all-weather synthetic fabric and a thick center of nonabsorbent polyester.

Extremely comfortable, this plush hammock from Hatteras comes with hanging hardware that is rust-resistant too. An attachable trapezoidal tufted head-pillow is like icing on the cake. Buy this Now.

4. World Menagerie Hand-woven Hammock

This two-person portable hammock for the backyard is woven by hand by artisans of Ceará. This 100% cotton hammock bordered with heavy crocheted lace will transport you to an exotic beach vacation.

High on style aesthetics and comfort, this colorful hammock from wayfair is also perfect to add a pop of color. Buy this Now.

5. Blue Quilted Hammock for Backyard

Made from soft quilted material this is an award-winning hammock with stand. Navy fabric with contrasting khaki colored rope gives it the aesthetic edge. The included pillow provides additional comfort. Perfect hammock for that afternoon nap with your partner! Buy this Now.

6. Hammock with Stand and Pillow

Enjoying relaxing moments becomes easier with this hammock bed! This classic hammock with Stand comes with a pillow for comfort .

It is one of the best backyard hammocks with a stand that is very stable. Getting in and out of this hammock is a breeze. And that makes it a perfect hammock for a nap or just chilling with a book. Buy this Now.

7. All-Weather Hammock for Backyard

Place this all-weather hammock in your backyard and you need not worry about it – come rain or shine. A powder-coated aluminum stand and polyester upholstery give it the weather-resistant edge.

With pleasing aesthetics and comfortable construction, this hammock with stand is a winner. Buy this Now.

8. Macrame Fringe Woven Backyard Hammock

This woven hammock with dangling latticework details and fringes has a boho vibe to it. Crafted from recycled cotton, it also comes with a pair of wood spreader bars for easy installation. You can place it with your patio furniture for that boho flair. Buy this Now.

9. PVC Coated Hammock with Canopy

This is one of the best hammocks with a stand and a canopy to accommodate two adults. The arched frame crafted of larch hardwood besides adding to the design aesthetics also lasts well outdoors. The PVC-coated polyester fabric makes it even more suited for your backyard. Buy this Now.

10. Mayan Family Size backyard Hammock

This family-size hammock for the backyard is hand-woven by Maya artists of Yucatán. Made from 80% cotton and 20% nylon, this hand woven hammock is comfortable and very durable. The thick cotton cord of this hammock is four times thicker than the normal Yucatan hammocks.

Hang it on your porch and relax without a care in the world. Buy this Now.

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10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas

Transform your outdoors into cozy and functional spaces with these 10 best patio furniture ideas.




Patio Furniture Sets

Patio furniture has the power to transform your outdoor and garden space into a cozy and stylish living space in no time. With careful planning and using the right patio furniture, you can create a functional space suited for each distinct mood and occasion.

Whether you want to cuddle with a book in a loveseat, take an afternoon nap on a hammock or entertain your guests over dinner, there’s a perfect piece of patio furniture for exactly that purpose.

Here are 10 best patio furniture ideas to complement each distinct mood and occasion. Take your pick and get ready to wow yourself and your guests.

Best Outdoor Patio Ideas

1. Sectional Daybed Patio Furniture

If you are looking for the versatile all-weather best patio furniture, you can consider this one. This daybed from AllModern comes with a domed white canopy overhead.

You can rearrange the detachable pieces of the daybed to suit any occasion. The synthetic rattan weave and a powder-coated aluminum frame make it weather-proof. The cushions are also made of all-weather fabric. Buy this Now.

2. Arbor Porch Swing with Stand

A deluxe garden arbor on a classic porch swing makes this one a gorgeous piece of furniture for your patio. The fanned back of the swing chair and the rounded edges add to the uniqueness of this gorgeous outdoor piece. Each of these is hand-crafted from thick, kiln-dried pressure-treated southern yellow pine. Buy this Now.

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3. Hanging Egg Loveseat with Stand

Light and breezy, this hanging egg chair makes for a great addition to your patio or the porch. The chair basket is made of a metal frame covered in resin wicker.

Within the basket, lies polyester-upholstered cushions to give a nestled-in feel. This hanging egg love seat with a rich espresso finish will gel with any kind of patio furniture. The chair hangs from a sturdy steel frame, which enables you to swing back and forth. Buy this Now.

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4. Sinclair 5 Piece Dining Patio Furniture Set

Outdoor dining is a good way to spend quality time with your family and friends. This 5-piece contemporary furniture set at Wayfair has four white armchairs and a round wooden coffee table.

The chairs are made of virgin white resin wicker and have a sloped back and armrests. The Eucalyptus Grandis wooden table comes with an umbrella hole and is coated with multi-layer protection. The well-designed construction makes it a durable and stylish set. Buy this Now.

5. Wicker Sectional Sofa Patio Furniture

Put your feet up after a long day of work on this sofa set. The set consists of 2 Corner sofas, 2 armless sofas, 1 coffee table, and 1 ottoman. Put together, it creates a perfect L-shaped setting. You can also re-arrange the individual pieces to suit any occasion. Probably one of the best patio furniture ideas for flexibility!

This cool patio furniture set can withstand the harshest of weather. Also, it will look brand new even after many years of usage. Buy this Now.

6. Cozy Daybed With Cushions

This charming outdoor daybed by Martha Stewart is both versatile and functional. It has plenty of space to cuddle with a book while chilling outdoors. It comes with 6 accent pillows that perfectly complement the light gray wicker of this half-round daybed!e. Buy this Now.

7. Double Hammock with Wood Arc Stand

If you love lazing around on your patio, this is one of the best hammocks to take home. Comfortable for two people, this is a durable canvas hammock from Christopher Knight Home. A curved, larch wood frame with a teak finish gives you both support and style.

Available in various solid and striped options, it is sure to add style to your outdoor space. Also, UV protected, it can be used all year-round. Buy this Now.

8. Wicker Daybed Patio Furniture

This daybed will invite you to curl up with a book or just take a quick nap.

Constructed from an aluminum frame with wicker rattan accents, this is an all-weather daybed. Perfect to have your own hygge corner – indoor or outdoor. Buy this Now.

9. Conversation Patio Furniture Set

This conversation set will tempt you to kick those shoes, sit back and relax after a long day. It will also you extra seating in case you’ve to entertain guests.

Two chairs and two ottomans come with comfortable cushions. One side table completes this set. Buy this Now.

10. Wicker 5 Person Patio Conversation Set

Classy and comfortable, this outdoor patio furniture set ensures convenience in style. Featuring 4 sectional sofas, 2 ottomans, and a coffee table, it is perfect to entertain guests.

The high-quality resin wicker seating fixtures make it weatherproof. Covered in polyester blend fabric, the included cushions offer an inviting feel. The sleek contemporary shape of the set creates a light, uncluttered look. Buy this Now.

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Cool Gardening Gifts for Urban Gardeners

These Gardening Gifts will put a smile on any Gardening Enthusiast’s face! ?




Gardening Gifts Art Ftr

Picking gardening gifts is a daunting task, especially if you’re not so much of a green thumb yourself. And if you’re a green thumb, you know there’s no stopping you from gardening, rain or shine!

You can turn your gift into more than just a gift when you add ‘thoughtfulness’ to the mix. With that in mind, we went around searching for the best gifts for gardeners and came up with our list of best gardening gifts that everyone will love.

Best Gardening Gift Ideas

1. Gardening Gifts: Yellow Rubber Boots

These waterproof rubber boots in bright yellow make for a cool gardening gift. A top strap and buckle make it easy to fasten. And fabric lining makes them comfortable to roam about in the mud. Buy this Now.

2. Gardening Gifts: Colorful Watering Can

Made to last for decades, this handmade long-reach watering can is one of the best gardening gifts. Galvanized steel, specially sealed and powder-coated for corrosion protection makes it durable. With a balanced and gorgeous design, this watering can available at terrain acts as an accent piece on its own. Buy this Now.

3. Gardening gifts: Stainless Steel Compost Bucket

This compost bucket is perfect for converting kitchen waste into compost. Made from stainless steel this bucket has an inner plastic bucket and can hold up to 1 gallon. With zero-waste, this is one of the best gardening gifts for the eco-friendly gardener! Buy this Now.

4. Gardening Gifts: Cultivator Claw

A great gardening gift, this cultivating claw is ideal for breaking up the soil and weeding. Its design also reduces hand and arm fatigue while picking debris and planting. Buy this Now.

5. Gardening Gifts: Indoor Garden

An innovative, indoor portable garden for growing organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a gift any gardener will cherish. The Click & Grow indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of coffee pods, it offers biodegradable plant pods. These pods have seeds and nutrients inside to grow food all year round. A perfectly calibrated automated watering, light, and nutrients system makes gardening a breeze. Buy this Now.

6. Gardening Gifts: Cotton Hammock

Taking a break from all the hard work and admiring the results of it, is priceless. This charming cotton hammock makes for a great gardening gift for relaxing in the garden. It will also add a breezy appeal to the garden or porch decor. Buy this Now.

7. Gardening Gifts: Gloves with Built-in Claws

Built-in claws of these hand gloves are great to dig and plant without tools. Durable, waterproof and puncture-resistant, they fit perfectly. Breathable technology ensures protection against dirt, sweat, and injuries too. One of the best gardening gifts for that hard-working gardener buddy! Buy this Now.

8. Gardening Gifts: Vertical Tool Shed

This good-looking vertical plastic shed is the best way to organize garden tools. It can accommodate large garden tools like rakes and store the garden supplies too. The vertical design makes it perfect for small spaces, like balconies, porches etc.

The durable multi-wall resin construction is perfect for all-weather use. Buy this Now.

9. Wood Garden Bench

This patio bench can add a transitional and modern style to patio and garden furniture. Made of acacia wood, making it perfect for outdoor use as it is both weather and UV resistant. It can easily be teamed with other outdoor pieces like lounge chairs, a love seat or an ottoman. One of the best gardening gifts for someone looking to complete an outdoor conversation set. Buy this Now.

10. Bird Feeder

Bringing more life to any garden is this easy-to-fill bird feeder. This feeder will feed only the birds and will keep squirrels, and rodents away. Gift this to your gardener friend and he’s sure to enjoy more company in his garden. Buy this Now.

11. Tricycle Plant Stand

This cute pot holder has a nostalgic feel to it and will go with most settings. It uses premium quality iron ensuring that it lasts for years. Designed for indoor use, this gardening gift can be placed on the porch, window sills, or the patio. Buy this Now.

12. 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum and Mulcher

This Black + Decker high-performance 3-in-one blower, vacuum, and mulcher is a practical gardening gift. Featuring a 250 mph blower, it blows through leaves and debris with ease. The vacuum can suck in leaves, grass clippings, twigs, pine needles, and other lawn debris.

And it can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one. So clearing driveways and beautifying the lawn will be a breeze with this one! Buy this Now.

13. Self-watering Railing Planter

This self-watering railing and wall planter makes for a perfect gardening gift. Plants take what water they need when they need it due to the integrated self-watering system. You only top up the water when the water level indicator tells you to.

This hanging planter also has an aesthetically appealing design too. Perfect for a busy friend with a small balcony or a porch! Buy this Now.

14. GARDENING GIFTS: Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you get a 15-foot mosquito protection zone? This Thermacell Patio Shield Repeller creates a 15-foot shield around you. A perfect way to spend an evening on your patio or garden without the fear of mosquito bites. And yes, a perfect gift for a gardener. Buy this Now.

15. GARDENING GIFTS: 3-in-1 Soil Tester

Maintaining a healthy garden becomes a breeze with this 3-in-one tester. It measures the moisture content and PH level of the soil. It also helps determine if the plant is getting adequate light. Buy this Now.

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