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10 Best Drones with Camera Right Now

Best Drones with Camera, Camera Drones
Capture your memories in the best way possible with these 10 best drones with camera.

Social Media has changed the way we live our lives and so have drones with camera. We can share our experiences with our friends in real-time. Whether we are traveling, playing sports or just partying, we want everyone to be a part of it.

With a little bit of creativity and the technology at hand, anyone today can shoot some amazing footage. Footage that can be shared and enjoyed for a long time to come.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find our list of the 10 best drones with camera extremely handy in choosing the right drone for you.

Best Drones with Camera

1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drones with camera

DJI, the current leader in drone technology, has a 74% market share in the industry. And with the latest Mavic 2 Pro, it has released a drone camera more advanced than any drone so far.

Mavic 2 Pro has improved Flight specs in terms of flight time (31 mins) and speed (45 mph). But the major advances come in the software, camera, and tracking abilities.

Mavic 2 Pro, with a 20 MP camera and an enhanced HDR photo option, can capture over a billion different colors. You can plug it into any 4K TV to watch the colors in fantastic professional clarity. It can record 4K UHD and Full HD slow-mo videos at 120 fps.

Low light shots are also flawless given the bump-up of the camera. A few taps in its hyper-lapse mode and making cinematic time-lapse videos is a breeze!

The vision sensors in the Mavic 2 Pro are omnidirectional and it supports the new ActiveTrack 2.0. And the 3D sensor tech helps to maneuver around obstacles seamlessly.

It can transmit images and videos up to a distance of 8 km compared to the 7 km of its predecessor.

One of the sturdiest drones with a camera, it is perfect for amateurs. Even if you leave it on auto, this beast will get you great results. Buy this Now.

2. Mavic Air Drones DJI

Another drone with a camera in the DJI Mavic family, the Air is a little smaller but is dynamite when it comes to performance. It is foldable, compact and offers high-quality video in a travel-friendly size.

Air’s increased portability is a huge advantage added to the fact that it shoots 4K HD films at 30 fps, HD slow-mo videos at 120 fps and 12 MP HDR photos.

It can accurately catch gestures to capture photos/videos, take off, land and so on. The “V” symbol is a gesture for photos and the “frame” gesture is for videos. This gesture reading feature makes it a fun device to use.

Since it’s a smaller device, the flight time is around 21 mins, but the speed in Sports mode can shoot up to 42 mph.

It has powerful automated flight modes and a near-perfect obstacle avoidance system. This is probably one of the best drones with cameras this size that packs in so much punch. The three-axis gimbal provides steadiness to the camera and its 8 GB internal storage, and stores videos on the go.

Controlled via Wifi, it can transmit videos up to a range of 4 km. The Mavic Air can brave the winds pretty well and can track up to 16 subjects at the same time. Although a little on the noisier side, this drone is a versatile player.

Professionals who want a little fun and newbies who are new to drone tech, both will be satisfied by this drone. Buy this Now.

3. Parrot Anafi Drones With Camera

The Parrot Anafi is a good competition for the Mavic Air in terms of price and functionality. This baguette-shaped drone is lightweight, has a slim frame and can fit into your backpack.

The Anafi is distinguished by its arthropod look and the maneuverable camera on its head. The unattached camera gives it a 180-degree vertical range enabling it to shoot upwards. No other drone has this feature and this can potentially make Anafi a game-changer in the drone industry.

The 4K UHD at 30 fps and 21 MP HDR stills, with 2.8x lossless zoom, give it a slight edge over its competition. It gives a flight time of around 22-24 mins and goes up to a decent speed of 33 mph.

The Anafi has a transmission range of 4 km but does not have an obstacle avoidance system.

We would not recommend it to somebody who is a newbie to drone tech. This is one of the best drones with camera for expert filmmakers and photographers. They are sure to enjoy the raw camera power of this drone. Buy this Now.

4. DJI Phantom 4 Drones for Beginner

The DJI Phantom 4 is the more polished drone out of the DJI siblings.

The Phantom 4 has a 12 MP camera and a 4K recording option. It also captures slow-mo videos at 1080p resolution at 120 fps. It flies at a speed of around 45 mph and has a flight time of around 28 mins. You can connect to it with the FPV goggles of DJI and immerse yourself in the experience of it.

With a transmission range of 7 km, the Phantom 4 is one of the top picks for an all-round drone experience.

This drone not only travels back and forth quickly but also ascends and descends pretty quickly. So, getting the drone to the shot location is that much faster. Another feature that we love is TapFly. As the name suggests you tap on a location for the drone to go and it flies there.

The obstacle sensing system is good against head-on obstacles. As there are no sensors all around the drone, you can’t always rely on the system for security of the drone.

A little on the expensive side, this drone is still being called one of the best drones for beginner filmmakers. Buy this Now.

5. DJI Inspire 2 Drones with Camera

One of the best drones with camera on the market is the DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter. Tech experts joke about how this drone is named Inspire 2, as it has two of everything.

Not only does this Quadcopter have a detachable Zenmuse camera, but it also sports a forward-facing FPV camera. This allows the pilot to control the movements of the camera and watch where the drone is going.

The Zenmuse X4S camera is a 20 MP one, making this badass drone shoot at 5.2K resolution with ease. The drone has two battery packs, which would give a flying time of 25 mins more.

Inspire 2 boasts smart piloting features. These Intelligent Flight modes include TapFly, Waypoint, Point of Interest and Active Track. Yet, the highlight of this DJI drone is the new Spotlight Pro mode. You can film moving objects by locking onto the subject. In other words, even if you fly the drone around a moving object in circles, the camera will capture it smoothly.

Controlled by a controller with strong antennae, Inspire 2 can fly at a speed of around 45 mph. It has a transmission range of 7 km.

With its obstacle avoidance system, a quadcopter is almost impossible to crash this drone.

Recommended for serious filmmakers who could do with the help of a professional in the air too! Buy this Now.

6. Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Drones with Camera

The Yuneec drones are known for their ready-to-fly right-out-of-the-box make. No other drones in the market can be up in the air as soon as these can.

The Typhoon H Plus has a 20 MP top-notch camera and can shoot UHD 4K videos at 60 fps. With a flight time of 28 mins and a speed of around 35 mph, this is a drone that Yuneec can boast about.

With 5 different flight modes, this Yunees drone is all set to keep the user engaged. The Burst, Interval, and Panorama mode photography also are a lot of fun. Precise imaging is a breeze with its 3 axis gimbal which also provides 360-degree rotation.

The Intel Realsense feature in the Typhoon makes it highly maneuverable. It also makes it one of the safest drones among its peers.

With a transmission range of 1.6 km, the Typhoon is one of the best drones with camera for enthusiasts and photography hobbyists alike. Buy this Now.

7. Parrot Bebop 2 Drones for BegiNner

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a light-weight, low cost, and compact drone. A mid-range offering with a good enough camera, the Bebop 2 is a good recommendation as a starter drone.

This drone is a little different compared to its peers when it comes to the camera. The Bebop 2 has a fisheye lens attached to the nose rather than an external camera stabilized by a gimbal. This makes it one of the best drones with camera for impressive shake-free video quality.

The boosted battery levels than the previous version give it a flight time of around 20 mins and a speed of 37 mph. Although there is a 14 MP camera, and 1080p recording, there is no room for external memory. There is only an 8 GB internal storage option that gets filled up fast with the 1080p recording.

If connected to your phone, the Bebop can give a transmission range of 300 meters. Throw in a couple of hundred dollars and you can get the First Person View pack for this drone. It includes a professional flight controller and a headset. It gives you an immersive first-person view of what the drone is seeing. Using the flight controller the range goes up to 2 km.

It’s one of the best beginners drones and a family drone, perfect for vacation. Not recommended for somebody who is into professional videography. Buy this Now.

8. DJI Spark Drones with Camera

One more drone from the DJI family, the DJI Spark is the youngest sibling of the family. Loaded with features for amateur drone hobbyists, this drone is ultra-compact.

Supported by a mechanical 2 axis gimbal, the Spark has a wide-angle lens. The 12 MP camera and full HD option added to its intelligent flying modes, make it easy even for your parents to use.

This DJI drone feels like it’s a part of you with its FaceAware feature. The coolest thing about it is that you can control the drone with your gestures. No need for a smartphone or a controller.

With a flight time of a little more than 12 mins, this sturdy drone can travel at the speed of 31 mph.

Also, it’s available in different colors – Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red, and Sunrise Yellow.

What we didn’t expect in this soda-can sized DJI drone is obstacle avoidance, but the Spark has that too. It can give you a transmission range of 100 meters over wifi but can go up to 2 km with a controller.

Considering the size and battery life we recommend it for somebody who wants to have some fun with drones. Buy this Now.

9. Ryze Tello Drones for kids

The Ryze Tello is a beautifully designed, simple drone made by the Chinese company Ryze. For this drone, they collaborated with the king of the skies DJI. It’s a small, entry-level drone that is portable enough to slip into a small bag.

The Tello shoots at 720p and can capture 5 MP pictures with its front-facing camera. This drone has a battery life around 13 mins and has a top speed of around 18 mph.

The wifi connectivity over the phone gives it the option of transferring the videos or pictures to the device that it is connected to. In fact, that is the only option since it has no storage options.

The Tello features a transmission range of 100m over wifi and is a great first drone for kids and adults alike. Recommended to be used indoors as it can’t handle heavy winds. Buy this Now.

10. Parrot Mambo with FPV drones for kids

Another giant in the drone industry, the Parrot’s Mambo FPV is a plastic drone that is very small. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but it is lots of fun to fly. The extra modular accessories and its intuitiveness make it stand out.

Its detachable HD camera can shoot a 720p resolution video and stream it into the device connected to it.

The FPV device that comes along with it, makes things a lot more exciting. The FPV mode is an enthralling experience with your smartphone strapped into the FPV device. With 8 mins of flight time, this zippy little thing will have you occupied for quite a while.

The blades are also plastic, so if the drone crashes you can get it back up in the air in no time by bending the blades back into shape. If you’re looking for drones for kids, you can start with this one.

Over wifi connectivity, it gives a transmission range of around 400 feet. This drone is best-buy for trying your hand at drones with an inexpensive device. Buy it for a learning experience before graduating to a full-blown drone! Buy this Now.

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