Sandcastles Galore in Jaisalmer


The Thar Desert, bright clothes and handicrafts, ornate havelis and a magnificent fort - you’ve seen them in movies and commercials. But have you ever wondered what it must be like to see them for real?


A golden carpet with bright-coloured motifs - that’s Jaisalmer for you. The crowning glory of Rajasthan is bound to exceed your expectations, presenting mystique and wonderment for every traveller.

Allow the history to speak to you, and let yourself immerse into a world of beautiful architecture and tradition.


The city is dominated by the Jaisalmer Fort, which rises like a dream in the desert. Perched on the Trikuta hill, the fort is worth exploring for its havelis and narrow alleys. Within walking distance from the fort are some more havelis, with Patwan-ki-haveli being a must-see for every tourist. Don’t forget to visit the Gadisar Lake which is surrounded by beautiful temples and tombs. And you must catch a glimpse of the fort during sunrise and sunset!


If you wish to listen to some soul-stirring folk music, you should visit the Artist Hotel during the evenings, and make a request to see one of the local artists perform. Also, your trip to Jaisalmer won’t be complete without making a trip to Sam dunes for a camel safari during sunset.


While exploring the fort, visit the 8July Cafe for their homemade apple pie. You should try the daal baati churma at any of the various Rajasthani restaurants in the city. The Ghotua and Panchdhari laddoos from Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets are quite well-known.


Bhatia market is the ideal place for street shopping in the city. If you look carefully, you can find some lovely designs in silver jewellery as well as other handicrafts.


It is not advisable to stay inside the fort walls, as the infrastructure in the fort is crumbling due to overcrowding. A decent hotel around the fort area should be an ideal option, because that''s where most of the restaurants and shops are located. Also, this way it will be easier to explore the havelis on foot.

If your schedule permits, don’t miss the Rajasthan Festival, being held for the first time this year in Jaisalmer on November 16, 17 and 18. More details of the festival can be found here -

Your footprints on the dunes might disappear, but the impression that a trip to Jaisalmer  leave on your mind will last a lifetime. Do yourself a favour and indulge in this historical visual treat!

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