City of Blinding Lights: Macau

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While Las Vegas burns bright; on the other side of the planet is a city that burns equally bright. With blinding casinos, extravagant restaurants and gastronomic street food, you can expect some unparallel fun.

So if you are up for a night of craziness, head south of mainland China to the oriental Las Vegas – Macau!

Getting There

By land, water or air, Macau is an easy getaway from mainland China and Hong Kong. Macau rose to become a hub for low cost airlines. While there are flights going in and out, the primary mode of transport would be a ferry. Otherwise, settle for a three hour bus ride from the mainland city of Guangzhou.



Gamble @ Casino Lisboa

Kaching! Jackpot! Take your chances at the casinos of Macau. Let lady luck guide you to Casino Lisboa. Or to its competition, Sands Casino; either ways you can’t skip the casinos. The towering Lisboa Casino is a landmark of Macau and is the home to several antiques on display which you wouldn’t want to miss. The historical building has now been expanded with the new Grand Lisboa. Whether you want to gamble or not, the casinos are the best way for you to experience Macau.



Adventure junkies get your adrenaline rush at the second highest bungee jump in the world! The 233 meter jump is enough to get any seasoned veteran’s heart pumping.

Night Life

The nights in Macau are just as full of life and light as the days are. Close to the Kum Iam Statue are several bars and clubs that should provide plenty of entertainment to last you through the night. If you’re too overwhelmed by the choices, then MGM grand has a variety of bars. One of them should be up your ally. If you prefer a view to go with your drinks head to the 180 Lounge. Standing on the 59th floor of the Macau Tower, the panoramic view it provides will be a great mixer with your whisky.


If the nail biting antics of Macau aren’t your thing; in a stark contrast, the city has some stunning touristy on offer. The culture of the city is a blend of Portuguese and Chinese. Colossal and bright casinos contrast against Macau’s serene and calm shrines. Churches of the now gone Portuguese stand among the narrow alleyways. The city exudes a strange charm, one like none other. One you must experience for yourself. Take in the unique aesthetic, street shop and pause at pretty little parks that are littered around. A walkabout of the city is essential to truly experience Macau.


A ma Temple

Get a dose of both beautiful sights as well silence at the A ma Temple that enshrines the seafaring sea god – Mazu. Being one of the oldest, it is built in the classical Chinese architectural style. You’ll find winding paths, stone sculptures and spectacular views that give you a taste of the rich culture and heritage of China.


Senado Square

While the A ma temple is a token of the Chinese culture, Senado Square is a remnant of Macau’s colonial past. Waves of black and white cobblestone, pavements bring life to the westernized buildings they connect. The Senado Sqaure is considered the cultural hub of the city and is filled to the brim with restaurants, shopping centers and iconic foods.


Macau is just as well known for its food as for its casinos. Take some time off gambling to fill your stomach with the renowned Macanese cuisine. The cuisine, like most things in Macau is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese.


Portuguese egg tarts

Leave your stomach empty before you head out onto the streets of Macau as they have some delicious foods on offer. Portuguese egg tarts are available almost everywhere and are one such delicacy you ought to not miss.


Pork Chop Buns (Choapa Bao)

The east meets west style is best encompassed in the pork chop bun. A burger-esque sandwich with warm, freshly baked, seasoned buns and a juicy pork chop in between – and you’re good to go. It’s a simple, no frills affair that a meat lover will relish.
Macau is an explosion of light, fun and food. It will get your heart pumping with its modern marvels and then sooth it with its history. It’s trip that you’d want to make!