Hongkong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Asia Travel Guide

Hong Kong maybe one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great destination for tourists from all over the globe.
There”s so much here to keep you engrossed right from the touch down. Landing on an island airport with water all around certainly kicks up the excitement levels right at the start of your vacation!


Hong Kong is a city tuned to tourism where one can find entertainment, history, culture and great food, all within walking distance. A cultural highlight is the copper statue of Sakyamuni located on the top of the Muyushan Mountain. It is exciting enough to just catch a glimpse of this huge statute sitting calmly, almost as if waiting for you to catch up. It is quite a climb but the serene view makes a worthwhile trip.


Bang opposite the statue, light some incense at the Po Lin temple on your way back. Built in 1924, it may not be ancient but it is a revered place of worship. A moving heritage, do not skip the century old but charming climbing cable car. An added attraction near the cable cars is the wax museum, though it’s just a pale reflection of
Madame Tussauds.


Take a day to visit Asia’s only Disneyland. Though relatively a smaller one, it still captures the magic of being a child and becoming part of the fairyland magic.


If you crave for some nature time, the Lantau Island is the place to go. Sprinkled with monasteries, secluded beaches and small hamlets, the island features many non-city related activities. And if you’re super lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of Hong Kong’s most loved sight  Jackie Chan.



Food fare in Hong Kong is an eclectic mix of eastern as well as western cuisine. Somewhat difficult at times for vegetarians, you can tweak the non-vegetarian dishes to suit your needs. With mostly Cantonese influenced food items, definitely try the poached chicken, roast duck and dim sums.

Something else you must try is the egg tart with Hong Kong tea which serves as a quick snack when shopping. Street food also displays an interesting array of items such as shark fin soup, fish balls on a stick and soy bean curd. Check out the cute Snoopy Cafe if you miss your decafs and cappuccinos.



The sunlit skyline of Hong Kong reveals a shopper’s paradise open throughout the year. You can spend hours at Stanley Market, an old fishing market, or merge with the chaos of the Temple Street Night market.


Dedicated to women is the Ladies” Market in Tung Choi Street where shopping for trinkets and clothes is pure joy, and the Luxury brand street will not let you walk away without an indulgence. Don’t forget essential buys like Jade and Ivory handicrafts, porcelain figurines, Chinese tea as well as cakes and Chinese dinnerware that are known for its beauty and durability.

An interesting detour from standard shopping is a fascinating walk through the Herbal Medicine Street, the Ginseng and Bird”s Nest Street and the Dried Seafood Street.



There are many options with the bigger brands lined along the harbour. Again, the budget decides where you can stay. But if your pockets are friendly to a harbour-facing room pick the Intercontinental Hotel.

The service is excellent with a huge breakfast spread. The afternoon tea allows you to sample excellent selection of herbal tea and the eternal moon cakes. But what makes it simply worth the extra penny is catching the light and sound show through the huge window while sitting comfortably in your room.

With distances becoming shorter every day, Hong Kong fits any vacation mould. From a honeymoon to a quick weekend getaway, Hong Kong is the perfect destination to pack your holiday with unexpected surprises and unique extravagances.