Top Ten European Islands You Must Visit

When someone says Europe, you think of the clubs in Hamburg, beaches in Spain and churches in Ireland. But offshore, there's a world of islands kissed by the sun waiting to be explored by you.

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Any time of the year is a good time to visit Amsterdam. Especially, in fall.

With great weather, now would be an ideal time for you to pack your bags and head to Holland for chilled out and relaxing vacation.

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Barcelona - September through December

Walk through the streets of Barcelona and "Oh tal bellesa!" would be your response!

An architectural haven, that it is, Barcelona is known for its gorgeous buildings and cathedrals; which is exactly why it's bound to be on every art lover's bucket list. September to December is particularity a good time to visit with great whether, lesser tourists and a bunch of festivals for you to enjoy.

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City of Blinding Lights: Macau

While Las Vegas burns bright; on the other side of the planet is a city that burns equally bright. With blinding casinos, extravagant restaurants and gastronomic street food, you can expect some unparalleled fun.

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kish island

Travel to Kish Island

In contrast to Dubai's bright lights and nightclubs, across the pond, the warm Persian waters offer a laid back island culture with duty-free shopping, water sports and a diving paradise.

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Lisbon Portugal

Travel to Lisbon Portugal

The award for Western Europe's most overlooked city goes to Lisboa! On the verge of the Atlantic high seas, the seat of the erstwhile Portuguese Empire is drowned in history and culture while staying sunny all year long.

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Practical Apps

15 Practical Apps For Every Travel Addict

Your wanderlust has taken you scouring for new experiences and horizons on this little blue rock we call Earth.

If you are the kind that travels for the sake of travelling, here are 15 practical apps to make your smartphone more travel efficient.

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rio de janeiro

Beaches, Football And Rio de Janeiro

Rio! The name itself conjures up images of sun soaked beaches, street football and Christ The Redeemer. Home to Samba, the world's sexiest beach and the infamous favelas from 'City Of God', Brazil's second largest city lands on every tourist or backpacker's definitive bucket list.

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Travel to Crete - The Birthplace of Zeus

Famously fabled to be home to the mythical Greek creature - the Minotaur, the ancient Minoan Civilization and the Cretan Diet, Crete is a sought after destination for one of the best vacations in Southern Europe.

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mount bromo volcano

5 Magnificient Volcanoes You Must See

Fiery lava and magma spewing and sputtering as your boots crunch the jumble of pitch-black rocks, you hike across a steep path at scalding temperatures. Hot springs everywhere and lava flowing right beside you, volcanoes make for marvels that very few get to experience in a lifetime.

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