LaserMaxx Opens in SVM


Counter Strike is awesome. But you want to kick it up a notch!

Add a drop of adrenaline to the combats you love so much at LaserMaxx and get a taste of gore and glory.

Take your clan along, friends or family (up to 12), put on your armour, grab your gun, step into the war zone and show them who''s boss.

You could also go solo and take em all down. Set your own rules and go crazy with unlimited ammo.

War is when you don''t know what''s to come. Watch out for those mines. Grab the superpowers in the arena, before your enemy does. Exploit your advantage with Stealth, Shield and Spy mode!

A 15 minute game costs Rs.125 per head. And if you go on a weekday, do ask for the hourly package. You could get a really awesome deal.

Shoot, dodge, kill, scream, run, crawl and reload!

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