Weekend Getaway - Orvakallu

You wander from state to state for that perfect getaway without realizing you got it right in your backyard.

Hop a 240 odd kilometers ride to Orvakallu, the site of the miniature Grand Canyon near Kurnool.

Orvakallu is an untouched and sparsely inhabited beautiful canyon scattered with water bodies and greenery.

Bow to the Krishna and the Tungabhadra rivers as you cross them before touching Kurnool, where a pit stop can be made for stocking up water and the like.

Your drive further will be 60 kms of bliss through trees, rocks and fields leading to the wonder of orange stone, made brighter by the sun.

Marvel at the contouring rocks, their rises and falls, the amazing lattices and the weathered surfaces that could take you to another era.

Soak in the serenity due to small placid ponds, among the rocks that seem to touch the horizon, and scattered trees - to revel calmly later over tea and snacks at the APTDC resort there.

Once rejuvenated, take a tour of the Belum Caves nearby which are the second longest in India, or detour to the Srisailam dam while returning.

Your private scoop of peace was always this close by, but who knew - yes, do take a picture home.

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