Gardening & Landscaping Products from Hobby Hub

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Floral Fanatic. Pet Pal. If you get your kicks off Nature then visiting Hobby Hub is hitting the jackpot.

Conceived by nature freak Mr. Raj Sheker and his family, the one year old sanctum has gardening or landscaping products and advisers, all under one roof.

Get your hands on herbal saplings but keep those hands away from the carnivorous fly eaters here.

Bonsais, orchids, hyacinths and more, if it”s green, these guys probably have it.

Lacking the space and time to maintain your very own garden was a problem for yesterday. Get yourself a self watering planter and head out to that week long business trip without a hassle.

Start your own vertical garden if you”ve complained about a shoe box sized apartment for a while.

Looking to add to the family? Find yourself an exotic array of aquatic life, hamsters or a puppy through Hobby Hub.

Nature and Hobby club enthusiasts are welcome to just engage with nature in the sprawling property. Star gaze, mold some pots, recite poetry or just pet the animals.

With Earth Day approaching on the 22nd of April, this is the perfect time to pot those excuses and watch your flowers bloom.