Kitsch and Tell by Art Ilaka

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And the procrastinator in you tends to postpone cleaning your desk.

It’s a never-ending vicious circle but you can find a solution at Art Ilaka.

Start with those scattered papers; get yourself the bright desktop charms from the Ande ka Funda series. Use it as a paper weight to sort your table.

For the avid yet forgetful reader in you, pick up the hand embroidered bookmarks that come in various shapes. Or get more organized with their colourful “to do” list books.

If water stains get the worst of you, opt for the doodled coasters! The Kathakali series are sure to calm those nerves down.

Speaking of losing your nerves, the doodled key chain ladle holders will help you stop worrying about lost keys.

So if your tables are starting to get messy, call Yamuna, Ganga or Bala, the owners, for help!

For orders:
call: 8019242919