10 Vintage Storage Cabinets You Will Love

10 Awesome Vintage Storage Cabinets, Antique Storage Chests

Ever wondered what makes vintage pieces so darn charming? It’s the palpable connectedness to nature, their warm undertones, and the story they tell. Carefully chosen pieces can add a touch of class and personality to your home. Here are some vintage storage cabinets you’ll love.

1. Antique Walnut Circo Vintage Style Storage Chest

Circo storage chest features antique walnut finish and bold drawer fronts to exemplify skill. The combination of wood and metal make this cabinet sturdy enough to last a life-time. Buy This Now.

2. Shabby Chic Distressed Antique Gray Cabinet

A low cabinet, very rare in nature that demonstrates the designer’s complexity of vision and talent. This functional yet phenomenal piece will provide ample space for your TV and decorative pieces. Buy This Now.

3. Antique Teal Vintage Style Hallway Cabinet

This delightfully slim cabinet will help you keep your entrance neat and organized. The Cabriole Legs pair well with the gracefully curved side structures and reveal a brilliant conception of art. Buy This Now.

4. Antique Walnut Vintage Style Storage Chest

The antique walnut finishing and the cabinets’ colorful accent come together to create a storage cabinet that is both rich in functionality and style. Zeppo provides enough room for your treasures. Buy This Now.

5. Antique Weathered Multi-Color Cabinet

10 Vintage Storage Cabinets, Online, Amazon, Shop, Sale

Multiple distressed colors and weathered wood do two things to any piece. They make it a one-of-a-kind statement craft and give it an electric touch that can’t be ignored. This cabinet is the type that remains a conversation piece for years to come. Buy This Now.

6. Simple Living Sydney Vintage Storage Cabinet

Yes, it’s metal, but it’s also crisp white – and its vintage! This cabinet features geometric patterns on each door for added decoration. Place it in the dining room and the transformation will be obvious. Buy This Now.

7. Antique White Vintage French Bombay Chest

10 Vintage Storage Cabinets, Online, Amazon, Shop, Sale

A combination of antique white finish with some brown French scripts makes this cabinet unique. Try sprucing up your foyer or hallway and be sure to get enough compliments. Buy This Now.

8. Madison Park Vintage Storage Chest

A cute cabinet that will complement traditional décor themes in your living room or better still, your dining room. You can utilize the top to display your family photos or some lovely live flowers. Buy This Now.

9. Antique Green Vintage Storage Chest

Introduce an antique flair in your house with this vintage storage chest drawer. Place it at the entryway to give your visitors a warm welcome. This cabinet is available in the two most versatile colors of antique green or brown. Buy This Now.

10. Bone White Vintage Storage Luxury Chest

This vintage storage chest drawer will give your bedroom an unmistakable touch of vintage charm. The decoratively detailed exterior of this cabinet is a proof of artistic mastery. Buy This Now.