20 Cool Modern Chandeliers for Living Room

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Modern Chandeliers add a sense of class and beauty to your home. They enhance the elegance of any room and liven up the decor. Here is our hand-picked list of the 20 best modern chandeliers to brighten up your living room.

1. Contemporary Crystal Chandelier with Leaves Vines

This modern version of a Crystal Chandelier has leaves and crystals set on vines. What adds to its beauty is the uneven deep rust finish. The high-quality material used in it makes it durable and robust. Though this is a candle chandelier, it can accommodate 3 incandescent light bulbs. BUY NOW

2. 5-Light Rectangular Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

This rectangularly shaped chandelier has a classy look with a modern vibe. The rows of cascading crystals catch the light from the 5 light bulbs that run across the Chandelier. This is the best modern chandelier for dining room or the kitchen island. BUY NOW

3. Globe Shaped Candle Chandelier

This chandelier’s modern design in shape of a globe with bands of crossing metals makes it a unique piece. The bronze finish exclusive design is both striking and functional. The eight light candelabra hanging inside the globe gives ample light. Adding to its charm are the round crystal bobbles dropping down from each light. If you’re looking for a modern chandelier for foyer, you can consider this one. BUY NOW

4. Floral Branch Shaped Modern Chandelier

If you love pretty things, then you’ll fall in love with this one. This 10-light contemporary crystal chandelier is a branch full of flowers and leaves. The crystals on the branch form the leaves and tiny halogen bulbs look like flowers. The polished chrome finish lends it a contemporary look. BUY NOW

5. Candle Style Rustic Contemporary Chandelier

This Candle Style Chandelier’s design and oak finish lend a rustic charm to your home. The interlocked quatrefoil frames have a turned decorative finial. This small contemporary chandelier works well with mid century styled furniture. It is also a good addition to the rustic home decor. BUY NOW

6. Antique Bronze Rustic Modern Crystal Chandelier

20 Best Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers, Modern Chandeliers Amazon, 3 light

This Chandelier is an intriguing combination of rustic charm and classic style. The antique bronze finish and the crystals compliment each other in a unique way. The three lights placed inside reflect enough light to enliven the entire area. A perfect modern chandelier for foyer! BUY NOW

7. Cage Design Candle Style Modern Chandelier

This steel cage design chandelier has an antiqued finish. This small contemporary chandelier is antique cream in color but looks gold when lit up. Its warm wooden finish makes it best suited for farm-house decor. BUY NOW

8. Round Candle Style Modern Chandelier

This Candle style Chandelier is total value for the money. This striking steel chandelier sports a solid-finished frame. The swooping arms descending from the top give it extra support. The 5 lights come in an Edison inspired design with cylindrical glass covers. You can hang it in the entryway, over the dining area or bang in the centre of your living room. This one is sure to enhance the space in a way that impresses your guests. BUY NOW

9. Sturdy Vintage Charm Contemporary Chandelier

If you’re looking for a small chandelier to lighten up a compact space, this one is for you. The rustic weathered finish adds a vintage charm to your home. Hang it over the dining table for a romantic ambiance as it casts pretty shadows on the ceiling. One of the best rustic contemporary chandeliers for small spaces. BUY NOW

10.  Luxury Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

Glam up your house with this luxurious contemporary crystal chandelier. This beauty has a sleek polished finish with crystals hanging very close to each other on a round rim. This chandelier can bring glamour to your entryway, living room or the dining area. BUY NOW

11. 4-Light Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

This gorgeous contemporary crystal chandelier is like fireworks coming out of the ceiling. And the light it throws on the ceiling further adds to the posh glow. This timeless yet modern design has glimmering finishes and a bold silhouette. The crystals though made of plastic look real. This Chandelier will inspire you to get more creative for an all-out lavish look. BUY NOW

12. Rectangular Modern Chandelier with Shells

This rectangular chandelier is the ideal modern chandelier for your dining table. The strands of translucent natural capiz shells suspended on a steel frame give it a unique glow. The shells are suspended from different lengths to give it a cascading effect. You can also hang it on the kitchen island for a lavish look. BUY NOW

13. Round Candle Style Crystal Chandelier

This is one of the best modern chandeliers to up the glam quotient of any space. The round steel frame is full of crystals which reflect light in all directions. It gets its glam look from the champagne gold color and crystals. The silver coated suspending chain further accentuates it. BUY NOW

14. Minimal Design Candle Style Modern Chandelier

If being simple and elegant is your style, then this chandelier is what you need to take home. This breath-taking minimal design has sweeping curves in brushed nickel finish. The romantic glass accents add to the class of the chandelier. A perfect modern chandelier to go with the modern furniture in your living room. At less than $500, this one is a steal. BUY NOW

15. Industrial Design Wheels Modern Chandelier

Simple and interesting, this modern contemporary chandelier is a conversation starter. The Industrial design of this chandelier has three round wheel shapes combined together. You can pair it with other industrial design decor piece or as a stand-alone to add character to any space. BUY NOW

16. 54-Light Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

This large contemporary chandelier can transform any space with its luminous modern vibe. 54 LED lights and the crystals in this chandelier give out a sparkling effect. The three round rims with crystals are suspended in a unique way from thin silver coated wires. This piece of art is going to get you a lot of compliments! BUY NOW

17. 14-Light Sputnik Mid-century Modern Chandelier

This mid-century modern chandelier from Wayfair is both stylish and functional. 14 bulbs pop out from a globe like structure in the center in this Edison style Chandelier. The minimal design of bronze antique finish makes it a stylish modern chandelier. BUY NOW

18. 6-Light Rectangular Modern Crystal Chandelier

Bling in a classy way is what this contemporary crystal chandelier is all about. This rectangular chandelier in chrome finish is full of lavish crystals. This bejeweled chandelier provides ample lighting for your kitchen island. It also the best modern chandelier for the dining room for good lighting. BUY NOW

19. Candle Style Chandelier with Glass Flowers

This modern contemporary chandelier has a subtle Victorian feel to it. Glass flowers on a glassy soft gold color frame is what makes this a pretty addition. Perfect for your little girl’s bedroom, it creates pretty shadows on the ceiling too. BUY NOW

20. 20-Light Large Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

This large contemporary chandelier has glamour and style written all over it. This is a rectangle shaped single chandelier suspended with silver coated huge wires. The huge crystals add to the beauty and elegance of the chandelier. BUY NOW.


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