10 Best Massage Foam Rollers for Muscle Relaxation

10 Best Massage Foam Rollers for Muscle Relaxation

A good workout at the gym can be very satisfying but it can also end up giving you sore muscles. Using foam rollers in your warm up and cool down gym routine is an effective solution to relieve muscle soreness.

Here’s a list of 10 best foam rollers you can pick yours from:

1. Hydro-Roller

This unique massage roller is a combination of two extremely essential products for an athlete. The foam roller is in fact an outer layer of steel bottle.This way you can stay hydrated throughout your workouts and have a flexibility enhancing warm up. Buy This Now..

2. Cold Roller Ball

It’s a known fact that ice therapy reduces inflammation in muscles and helps with speedy recovery for athletes and sportsmen. This roller ball combines targeted massage facilitated by an outer comfort grip, with a steel roller ball kept cold using insulating gel. The insulating gel maintains ball’s temperature for a long time without getting too cold. Buy This Now.

3. Bodhivana 2-in-1 Foam Roller

This foam roller is a twin action roller. While the outer high density trigger point foam roller warms up and cools down your muscles after workouts, the softer lower density foam roller increases core strength and balance while massaging delicate muscle areas. Buy This Now.

4. Tiger Tail Massage Stick

This cylindrical massage roller is in the form of a stick. It’s a versatile massage stick and can target various muscle groups to solve pain and help in muscle recovery. This cushioned foam roller massages the muscles deeply, circulating blood and oxygen into muscle knots which helps break these knots and reduce the pain. Buy This Now.

5. Franklin Textured Ball Set

This pair of textured inflatable balls is designed to facilitate relaxation exercises. Their density and size are ideal for use on neck, jaw, elbow, hip and more. Buy This Now.

6. Master of Muscle Foam Roller10 Best Foam Roller, Amazon,, Online, Muscle

Designed with dual pressure zones, you can control both the pressure and action with this foam roller. It helps relieve the muscle soreness arising in key areas like lower and upper back, neck, knee, quads, hamstrings, delts, and shoulders. BUY NOW

7. Muscle Roller Stick

This muscle roller stick specializes in relieving pain as experienced in tennis elbow, restless leg syndrome and shin splits among others. It’s multi-functional and can be used to provide deep-tissue massage for back, thighs, quads and various other muscle groups. It’s designed in a user friendly manner featuring dual grip with convex points. Buy This Now.

8. Spiky Massage Ball Roller10 Best Foam Roller, Amazon,, Online, Spiky

Made up of peanut shaped spikes, this massage roller is designed to stimulate blood circulation, knead the knots in the muscles and release tension. While it was originally designed for back massage, it shows optimum results when used on other muscle areas as well. The ergonomic design makes it easier to use. BUY NOW

9. Foot Roller Massager

Compact, lightweight and portable, this foot roller is the solution to foot aches caused by driving for long distances and intense cardio workouts. It has a dense foam surface which uses a systematic approach for channeling blood flow directly to the tissue. Buy This Now.

10. Textured Muscle Foam Roller

This foam roller is ingeniously designed to erode trigger points, restore flexibility and resolve muscular pain. The surface consists of bumps that are firm, yet flexible which knead the contours of your body almost as accurate as the thumbs of a masseuse. It gently stretches soft tissue in multiple directions. Buy This Now.