Vegetarian Fare from Filmy Tadka

So fire up the car, and drive down to Filmy Tadka on Shivam Road, a restaurant that’s reminiscent of a movie set, started by young entrepreneur Amitesh Sharma.

You will not see vanity vans here, but think of this as an alternative to the Dining in Theatre concept that’s popular around the globe. Everything here has a filmy touch: tables shaped like gramophone record discs, ceiling decor inspired film reel wheels, movie posters, and more.

But you are here for the food. And this is the kind of food that any director would have been happy to announce ‘cut!’. There’s enough variety too: the places offers delicious vegetarian dishes from North India, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Chinese.

There is nothing wrong with your tastes running a little exotic, so sink in your director’s chair – a dream come true in a way – and subtly signal the servers for the Afghani stuffed Kulcha brushed with Jam and Nizami Subji. The service is great, so you won’t need that megaphones to get their attention!

There’s a lot to choose from, but do not miss on the Malai koftas made to perfection – absolutely delectable with sweet and savory goodness – and finish your meal with some tender Gulab Jamuns.

And hey, take your time there to enjoy a relaxed meal; nobody’s going to be shouting ‘Pack up’!

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