Top 10 Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2017

We love choices. More the merrier. So we love it when we see 2017 shaping up to be a mish-mash of comebacks and new trends in Fashion Jewelry. It’s a bit confusing when you try to keep up, so we examined all those choices and the following Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2017 made it to our top list.

10. Jewelry with a Story

10 Best Fashion Jewellery Trends 2017, Fashion Jewellery Online

Accessorizing in itself adds character to your look, but accessorizing with funky jewelry with unique lockets makes your look much more interesting. You can choose from chains and necklaces with multiple lockets and symbolic pendants depicting a story. Pair it with a boyfriend tee for a casual day out. You can also choose from vintage earrings and bracelets having unique designs. Get them Here.

9. Single Oversized Earrings

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Single Oversized Earrings

Bringing 80’s rock-n-roller look back, the single oversized earring trend is one of the biggest trends this year and was seen on the runways of Isabelle Marant, Burberry, and Jason Wu. You can wear the gothic and graphic long ear cuffs with a sequined dress or leather pants for a night out. Furthermore, you can go for the multiple metal chains with a pendant for a day look of side braid and a denim dress. Get them Here.

8. Fantasy Ear Cuffs

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Ear Cuffs

Artsy and eye-catching, fantasy ear cuffs are the rage in 2017. You can find them in futuristic shapes and over-the-top tribal designs or dainty Greek-wreath like designs covering the entire length of your ear. Crystal, miniature stones and detailing, gives your look a defining character. Get them Here.

7. Stack Rings

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Stack Rings

Stacking rings is an easy way to accessorize and stand out with ease. Stacking gold rings has been the trend since Summer of 2016 and is here to stay. The addition to sacking rings is the midi rings. Combine midi rings with statement rings and get both trends on point. You can opt for the punk and chunky rings for a bold look, or minimalist geometric rings for an understated look. Get them Here.

6. Multi-Layer Necklaces

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Multi Layer Necklaces

Minimalist necklaces, a trend that we don’t seem to be getting bored of anytime soon, is classy and elegant. Layering varied lengths of these necklaces accentuate your neckline, especially when worn with an off-shoulder top or a v-neck t-shirt. You can go subtle and chic with modernistic charm and bar pendant necklace, or more Bohemian with multilayered golden quirky pendants. You can also layer a minimalist choker with longer necklaces. Get them Here.

5. Body Chain

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Body Chains

A day at the beach looks more glamorous with body chains accessorizing the whole bikini look. You can wear the waist chain with a two piece bikini or even a crop top. Another body chain you can wear is the arm bracelet. Pair it with a halter-neck top and denim cut-offs for a festival inspired look. You can also accessorize a night-out or a cocktail party with a dainty chain necklace. Get them Here.

4. Thin Chokers

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Thin Chokers

Who knew the 90’s trend of chokers would make such a major comeback? It has not just appeared as a part of couture collection of Givenchy and Balmain but has also been extensively used by supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Cara Devaligne, and Gigi Hadid. You can find them in lace and velvet. While the former looks minimalist and dainty, the latter gives your look a certain vibe. You can wear the gothic velvet and charm chokers with a ripped jeans and a vintage band tee ensemble for an edgier look. For a more casual look, you can opt for chokers with pendants. Get them Here.

3. Midi Rings

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Midi Rings

From Victoria Beckham to Rihanna, midi rings are a clear favorite among the celebs. Midi rings also known as knuckle rings are a unique way to accessorize and show your individuality. You can opt for minimalist gold solid bands and add elegance to your look, or go quirky with cute symbols. One can also spice up the punk look with thin joint midi rings. Get them Here.

2. Cuff Bracelets

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Cuff Bracelets

This trend has been going around in the fashion world for a while now. The reason why cuff bracelets are a unanimous favorite is that there is no wrong way of wearing one.

You can accessorize it with your workwear or perhaps a cocktail dress. Another popular version of the trend is the chunky, wide opened cuff bracelet in silver and gold, giving an edgy look. Furthermore, you can also choose from trendy and modern silver veined-leaf bracelets.

The elegant and minimalist slim bracelets, complete with delicate charms hanging from it are popular for its simplicity and versatility. Get them Here.

1. Boho Rings

10 Best Fashion Jewelry Trends 2017, Fashion Jewelry Online, Boho Rings

No bohemian chic look is complete without boho rings. Among tassels and talismans, boho rings kick your hippy inspired look a notch or two. You can choose from the chunky, antique Indian inspired silver rings and pair it with a tie-dye long skirt and a bandeau top. Or you could go with vintage rings having symbols and motifs of Illuminati and deer heads. For a more traditional look, you could go with carved tribal rings and make a statement. Get them Here.